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About Me

My name is Flavie and I moved to the UK over 10 years ago having been born, bred and educated in Paris.  I am now the proud mother of two gorgeous girls who keep me entertained, occupied, challenged, amazed and amused!



Mimi Bebe was inspired by the many kind compliments that I received over the years regarding my children's clothes. When my two children were babies, I dressed them in the only way I knew, in a French Parisian style. It was usually a matter of adding a one beautiful piece of clothing, such as a cashmere jumper, over a classic simple t-shirt and jeans or maybe a dress. Every time I did, it seemed that someone, be it a friend or stranger, would tell me how cute and well dressed they were. After hearing it so many times, I thought that maybe it was more than just kind words and perhaps there might be others out there with similar tastes to mine. And so Mimi Bebe was born.  'Mimi' is short for mignon, meaning cute, and “bebe” means... well, “baby”.


Chic Boutique

The idea developed into creating an online boutique, inspired by the French styles I grew up with. I wanted to offer this classic but contemporary, soft but chic style, which is not always so easy to find and looks so beautiful on babies. Finding special items of clothing that can be mixed and matched with the rest of a child's wardrobe to give it that “je ne sais quoi” that makes an outfit just a little bit more special. With this in mind I went to Paris to select brands from the continent that reflect the style I was seeking for Mimi Bebe, and returned having found wonderful French, Italian and Spanish brands that offered all of this and more.


Exclusive Selection

As a small boutique, Mimi Bebe will sell only a limited stock of each carefully selected item - so order quickly before they go!


About the Materials

In choosing items for Mimi Bebe, I wanted to find clothes that emphasise the cosy innocence which babies exude. To clothe them in the tenderness you feel when we you even just look at them. But I am also the kind of person for whom the reality of quality and value for money intrudes on such romantic notions. Therefore, I have carefully chosen brands that produce high quality clothes using soft materials that are just perfect for babies. All clothes are made in Europe.


About the Future

At the moment Mimi Bebe offers a select number of special items for babies of up to 24 months. However, over time, my ambition is to expand the boutique and include clothes for children up to 5 years old. There are so many other luxurious brands that I would love to include, so watch this space!


Keep up with Mimi Bebe

We are on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and will open a Twitter account very soon to update you on fact and new collections. We would also be so happy to post a picture of your bundle of joy wearing something from Mimi Bebe item on Instagram! Just email a photo to us at [email protected]


Some Thank You's

Beginning with Jeff Eden, who is the graphic design talent behind the Mimi Bebe logo and extending to all my family and friends whose support and advice have been invaluable.

Welcome to Mimi Bebe

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