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Les Enfantines


Designed by fashion aristocracy Laure Gues of the LANVIN family, Parisian label Les Enfantines is luxurious, beautiful and timeless. It’s all about fine details and the finest of materials… a touch of liberty, cashmere, silk and merino wool.







Do you remember your favourite clothes when you were a child? That garment you would have happily worn every single day and which you still don’t know how your mother managed to get rid of without you realising… Do you remember how you felt every time you put it on? There was something special about it and that is how it made you feel.


Inés is Búho’s main designer and her favourite garment was a checkered lumberjack-style shirt that her parents brought her from Canada. A simple, comfortable shirt but with that “je ne sais quoi”.


Búho is an array of colours, exclusive prints, soft and carefully nurtured fabrics. Clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes without sacrificing comfort. And so one day, if anybody asks them: “Do you remember your favourite garment when you were young?”, the answer will be: Búho.


That soft and cuddly feeling is the result of significant hard work to ensure that the quality of all the clothes in the Búho range live up to the brand’s high standards.







A collection for children 0-14 years old, characterised by sartorial elements directly coming from the Italian tradition and by simple and confortable lines. It is enhanced by the research for pure natural materials like cashmere, linen, cotton with the introduction of newer washing and treatments.


Opililai style is characterised by its being made in Italy product; elegant, modern, romantic, funny, far from excess and banality.







Numae, a French children’s (0-4yrs) clothing and accessories brand was established in 2004 by designer Manuelle Schmite. Selecting only the finest and softest of fabrics that are best suited to our little ones, Numae offers a variety of cashmere and cotton outfits, with a trendy Parisian chic style, in its signature fresh and powdery colour hues. Keeping its promise to mothers everywhere that after a cosy winter will come a soft and gentle summer.





Bonnet A Pompon


“There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it”


Bonnet à Pompon has become a landmark children ́s brand in the Spanish fashion industry, with a meteoric projection beyond their borders. A Spanish brand from 0 to 12 years old that recreates a “bohemian chic” style, elegant and practical, whose key principles are excellence in quality and attention to detail. Its sweet, relaxed and attractive nature suits children thanks to its great design, with perfect cuts and exclusive and sophisticated colours.


Behind Bonnet à Pompon there is more than a business project. It is about a life project, a dream come true and an irrational force with its own name, Alejandra Sánchez-Ramade, founder and designer of an extraordinary Spanish fashion brand for children.





Mon Marcel


Since late 2010, the Barcelona brand, Mon Marcel, has been inspired by the scents of Provence and the air of the Mediterranean to design clothes for children, from newborns to four years.


Yolanda, mother of two and established knitwear designer for fifteen years, is the designer of all of Mon Marcel’s collections. Mon Marcel’s garments are characterised by their simple, rich, clean lines that always exhibit personality. They achieve a minimalist, elegant, and comfortable style and character. Mon Marcel uses only the finest natural products, all chosen with care. Mon Marcel cherishes the smallest details in order to finish each garment neatly.


Mon Marcel works under the seal of Fair Trade. A portion of its annual profit goes to charity.


Mon Marcel won a Junior Design Award as "Best international fashion brand 2012". Mon Marcel shared credits with Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Little Fashion Gallery and Simonetta, also winners in their respective categories.





Violeta e Federico


Violeta e Federico was founded in 2007, to please mothers and babies.


The constant warm welcome we received with our collections of clothing for babies from 0 to 24 months, encouraged us to grow our brand and developed our children collection up to 16 years old.


We are faithful to our classic style and simple lines, and we made all of our piece of clothing and accessories in Barcelona with european fabrics that make the difference: Soft, natural, smooth, printed, plaid, with stripes and all things you can imagine.


We are currently present in all the Spanish territory, with our flagship shop in Barcelona. But you can also find us in Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, South Korea, USA, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.


Our mission is not to become a large company that carries out serial production, but instead to have a personalised relationship with you no matter where you are.







In 2004, two mothers gave birth to a new French brand of children's clothing which was chic and original. Troizenfants was born. Each piece is a subtle combination of creativity, simplicity, elegance and accessibility.



"A style which is always fashionable. It sniffs out the trends, captures them. With a dash of fantasy thrown in. Unbridled creativity."


Printed Elegance

"Perfectly cut patterns, printed in poetry. Down to the last detail. Nothing left to chance. Just so elegant, right down to the last thread."


The curtain opens to show the beautiful new Troizenfants winter collection for 2015/16. Just like in a black-and-white movie, it is magic… Black colours highlighted with a little pink embodies the perfect Parisian elegance.







Graziella Antón de Vez founded Normandie in Barcelona in 2000 after her three sons were born.


Normandie is a collection for the smallest children of 0 to 36 months developed in natural fabrics. Romper suits in soft merino wool and cotton, silk dresses, cashmere wool coats, boleros, tasseled knit pants, wool sweaters with thin loops on the sleeves, and always following the concept of a retro air and quality associated with the Normandie brand.


The colours: light blue with a touch of grey, indigo, antique roses, cement, various shades of stone... inspired by colourful adults but always respecting the softness which characterises the baby world.







Lilo&co is a small handmade atelier specialized in clothes for babies up to 9 months.


Each garment has been designed, on an individual basis, knitted with love for our babies.

Our collection is inspired in the old 70’s when most of the mummies knitted and sewed clothes for their kids. Our pieces are also handmade by expert knitters. Collection with retro features based on classical patrons but including modern trends. Natural materials remain the base of our creations taking care of the soft skin of our babies. Dresses, pullovers, vests, knitted culot- tes, shirts; comfortable, fresh and light clothes for our babies.


Babies relief and peace are our inspiration. Our pieces remain lively and in our memori es given its designs which also knit special moments.










About the Designers

We have carefully choosen our designers based on the quality and style of their products, along with their overall ethos. Each of them come with their own personality and several are not currently available via other UK shops yet and so are exclusive to MimiBebe.com!