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My little journal

Welcome to my Little Journal...


This diairy is about sharing my everyday little thought. Just in case you would like to know more about me and my life looking after my two little daughters and running Mimibebe.com.


I am not a writter, so the idea is just few words here and there on what I think is worth sharing. Or... what I feel the need to share!

By MimiBebe.com, Feb 20 2018 02:48PM

I received a letter the other month... in an envelop without any stamps... And inside a little note " Dear Flavie, I can't wait to see you soon! lots of love". On the envelop, instead of a real stamp, was an ink stamp and a star sticker...

My address and the note were written with a colour pencil and it all looked a bit odd but sweet! I knew it was from my friend who has moved to California and was due a visit in the UK. But still I found that a bit unusual in our era of electronic communication facilities!! It was touching, if not a bit odd... So I contacted my friend (via one of this very easy way of electronic communication and asked about this note...). Her reply was a charming little story.

She explained that she was playing with her 6 year old daughter at sending pretend letters to friends. So, in her role play, she wrote that note to me, put it in the envelop and put it in her mail box, at her house.

She didn't realise that it will go further than her mail box! She went on explaining that in California, the post is brought as well as taken from your personal post box. So when the postman found this envelop in the letter box, he took it to send it all the way to the UK. And then one day it arrived at our house.

How nice from the postman to send this letter all the way to me, evidently seeing it was from a child! It was very warmin to think this letter made it all the way to the UK, even without a stamp... And how exciting to receive a paper letter!!

By MimiBebe.com, May 11 2016 08:20PM

Have you ever noticed how quickly babies, toddlers and children capture the vibes in the atmosphere!? You might find me very naïve, but I have discovered recently that my two girls respond to music the same way. If I put pop music they will start wiggling, dancing and (sort of) sing and the atmosphere would be jolly and happy… At Christmas, when we play the Christmas songs, we usually end up singing and jumping around with some strange hats on our heads! Then it is such an effort to calm everyone, well especially little and mini me… I am the boring one who want stop the whole carnival!

Recently, I put classic music when they were doing an activity. It worked like wonder… They stayed calm and were happily concentrating on what they were doing. The house was sooo peaceful and everyone seemed very content. I don’t remember hearing lots of demands or complains (I am talking about an hour max), and I was also very relaxed.

Oh! Hold on...

Actually… yes... I am naïve…

After doing a little search on Google I found this great article about the effect of classical music on babies and toddlers. http://www.classicfm.com/discover/collections/baby-music/music-babies/

It says it all really! (better explained though).

Great article, and I discovered that classical music could improve baby intelligence? And that pop music could be good to stimulate the antibody production to fight any small illness… Here you go. Next time they have a cough, play Madonna!

An extension of the article provides ideas of music to play to your baby. http://www.classicfm.com/discover/collections/baby-music/

It suggests some for bedtime, my own opinion is that music tents to stimulate rather than send them to sleep…

But I would certainly use it to calm a baby!! - How to calm a baby : Pianist Alessio Bax has the answer

By MimiBebe.com, Mar 28 2016 04:25PM

It has been a bit of a messy and funny periode and I thought this picture resumes this pretty well! I've had a mixture of nice and cloudy time and felt like wintery or was it summery....?

Between a sick child, Easter holidays, a change of collection and ordering the new winter collection 2016, my mind gave up as to what exactly needed doing and which season we were in! And it has been challenging to maintain the workload... I am liking being busy, but have learnt that I will need to get more organised next year. Looking after a poorly mini-me for the last month didn't leave me a lot of time (and energy!!) to be able to do things as nicely as I would have wished for my work. Actually, being a working/house mum, leaves me with a mixture of feelings, from challenging and frustrating to rewarding: getting satisfaction when work is successful and spending quality time with my children, family and myself! Not always that easy but that is the plan!

After 10 days with a sick mini-me, we were sent to hospital for pneumonia. We went in an ambulance with siren and light - little-me came with us and loved it! It was actually very good to have her around as she helped relaxing the atmosphere. It was all a bit of a drama but mini-me was very well looked after, thanks again to all medical staffs! And we were sent back home after few days. It helped me putting things back into perspective though and organised my work/life balance a bit better. She recovered enough that we managed to go on holidays. We are now on the official easter holidays and both little-me and mini-me are enjoying easter eggs hunt, chocolate and relaxation. If only the weather will settle..

This has explained the delay in presenting all our adorable new collection! With two new brands: Violetta e Frederico and Opililai. Both of very nice quality and of unique style indeed! Watch this space as the website will be updated in the next few days!

And I have been busy in ordering new little items for next winter, it has been very exciting too - absolutely gorgeous stuff! Sometimes, I wonder if I should have another baby...

While looking after mini-me, I was surfing social media and have saved some posts that amused me. I will share them soon in the next blog. (Need to understand how to link everything!)...

Hope you had a nice Easter break!

By MimiBebe.com, Mar 8 2016 04:06PM

Mini-me has been unwell for about a week now with up and down temperature.... She is such an energetic child that I feel sorry to see her poorly. She goes from happy to unhappy, hungry to not, independent to cuddly... She mostly wants to watch the Ipad, whine and eat chocolate....

It also means disturbed nights for both of us for the last week, dealing with grumpy child and not being able to work properly. I do feel sorry for myself too!

We went to see the doctor who requested a urine sample. Ha! a urine sample.... Thought it wouldn't be a big deal. Well, it turned out, she totally freaked out, screaming (while in the doctors the toilets, next door to the waiting room): "no! no! no! I don't want to do it mummy! I want to do pipi in the toilets!"

No way she was going to do it in that little tube! She was convinced it would hurt, poor thing. I even went on Utube to try to find helpful inspiration – bad idea - I won’t mention the suggestions that came out.

Finally, back at home, I managed to have a sample by making her having a wee in a potty. (How do you do when you have a baby?)

Here is a thought for entrepreneurial doctor: Could you please find child friendly medication/techniques to:

- get urine sample easily,

- put eye drops easily

- and make antibiotic taste nice?

Mini-me had a bad eye infection recently and we had to put drops in her eye. The joy.... She hated it so much that she begged me, and begged me, and begged me... not to do it. It was horrible, I felt like a very mean mum. I tried rewards, cuddle, I forced her and even did it when she was asleep. But all it resulted was the drops were going on her cheek or she was crying so much that it ran down with the tears. So I gave up at the end, which is probably wrong but she didn’t want to listen to me and I wanted to keep a bit of her trust. Today when I told her, we were going to see the doctor she got worried and said: "I don't want water in my eye!"

For the antibiotic, my technique was to mix it with sooo much sugar that she was actually eating pure refined sugar three times a day. It worked but...

The enjoyable side is to spend some special time with her and so this morning, as she wasn't too bad, we had a nice coffee, babyccino and croissant for breakfast! Yum…!

#timewithmytoddler #timewithmummy #poorlytoddler

By MimiBebe.com, Mar 7 2016 01:47PM

Wishing you a belated mothers' day! Yesterday, I was woken up with a coffee and a nice little song by my little-me that went like : "Happy mother's day to you! happy mother's day to you! happyyy mother's dayyyy to youuuu! mummy... I looove you, I love youuu, you are my mummyyy for everrr..... "

Aw.. that was so sweet! I am very happy to be their mother...

Then, they both went back to their usual them and it was back to normal. I think Morther's day should be Mother's week - or even Mother's month! Would that be a bit pushy?

#thankyoufortheflowers #happymothersday

By MimiBebe.com, Mar 3 2016 01:10PM

I can't beleive I've been caught with the mouldy Tommee Tippee sipping cup!

I read everywhere on Social Media that mould could build up in the one piece valve and then... I didn't even bother checking the one (and only one) we have!

Mini-me likes playing and drinking water from it and she did recently. I didn't check (until today!).. But she complained recently with tummy aches and then was unwell for the last few days (hence the bad nights...!!!).

When I saw the cup, I thought, oh I'd better check, just in case. And... here it was, mould inside the valve! Yuck!... I was horrified and just couldn't beleived it happened to me!

I started cleaning it, but then decided to through it away as we don't need it and it is not worth making my child drinking from it again...

I should check in my own house when I read on other blogs such as this one @essencialbaby.com.au

Silly... #crosswithmylself

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